Watch France Jobin’s hypnotic remix of Karen Vogt’s ‘Losing the Sea’


In February Australian artist Karen Vogt released Losing The Sea, a 6 track mini-album about her longing for the ocean after spending the last 15 years living in Paris. It’s an album tinged in nostalgia, a kind of wistful beauty that reminds you of a shimmering horizon line and lazy days spent watching the swells. It’s an hypnotic work that married electric guitar, gorgeous drones with drifting washed out vocals.

She’s just released an album of remixes, consisting of all female artists, including the likes of Claire Deak, Lucy Adlington, Jolanda Moletta and herself. This is what she has to say about France Jobin‘s:

“France Jobin was the first on board and I was thrilled that she agreed to do two remixes for me. She extended the time on both tracks, and her remix of the title track ‘Losing the Sea’ starts with the track in a different pitch to the original, before taking a breath in the middle and transitioning back to the original pitch.”

Losing the Sea Remixes will be released tomorrow, 22nd of May 23. It is available as a cassette, and a limited edition art booklet + hand painted CDR version that includes both the original album and the remixes. You can find it here.


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