Cyclic Defrost is always interested in new contributors. We believe that our strength is the diverse interests of our writers and the strange often downright bizarre genres they cover. If you’re passionate about micro footwork drill and brass, or other such wonderful adventurous musical tangents, then we want to hear from you. And don’t be deterred by the weirdness. We also cover blues, jazz, world music, rock, books and DVD’s.

The one proviso is that no one attached this site is getting paid. This includes the editors. There is no owner driving around in an expensive sports car hitting up record companies for pharmaceuticals in return for editorial content. All revenue generated from advertising goes directly to the maintenance and hosting of this site. We all volunteer because we believe in the music and the scenes that we are writing about. Each post, review or interview you see on this site is because the writer wanted to cover it.

We currently get way too many promos for us to be able to reasonably cover in this or even the next lifetime, so we are always on the lookout for people to join this madness.

If you are interested please contact the features editor: Bob Baker Fish