Pyrex release ‘Instrumentals For No Reason’


Following on from their swirling 2023 release Noise For No Reason, Creswick-based indie-psych-dream-pop people Pyrex have just released an instrumental version of six tracks from that debut EP.The instrumental treatment brings a different focus to the songs, centering the instrumental interplay and woozy feeling of the songwriting.

Opening track Keep Getting High feels like it could have easily fallen out of a scene from Twin Peaks The Return, which nicely set the tone for the whole EP. Just A Little follows up with a motorik pulse that swings into a post-punk surf-rock whirlwind. The six track EP finishes up with the liltingly graceful Beautiful Creature that without Arian Lane’s mesmerising vocals really does take on a whole new feeling, as do all the songs featured here.

Cyclic Defrost: Why did you decide to release these instrumentals?

Jordan Hicks: It’s cuts from the recording of our last release that we thought sounded great as a small collection of tracks.

Cyclic Defrost: Do you think the songs feel different without the vocals?

Jordan Hicks: Definitely, these tracks have a whole new air about them. Without the vocals, I feel they could act as a soundscape to a relaxation session, or even score a film – not that they couldn’t with the vocals, they just take on a whole new life with some extra mystery.

Instrumentals For No Reason is out today on Bandcamp as a digital release. A limited edition cassette sold out immediately, so jump on over to Bandcamp and immerse yourself in this fresh view on a great record from last year.


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