Modern powwow singer Joe Rainey is playing in Melbourne on Saturday night.


Joe Rainey is a modern powwow singer who is a member of the Red Lake Ojibwe people from Minnesota, North America. His debut solo album Niineta (meaning ‘just me’ in Ojibwe) from 2022 opened new sonic dialogues by expanding on traditions with the addition of both arcane audio techniques and machines (cassette recorders, tape loops) and modern experimental electronics. It’s pretty incredible.

He playing in Melbourne on Saturday night at Substation, presented by Room40 alongside Amby Downs, an experimental project of Tahlia Palmer that explores history, identity and connection to country through layers of distorted noise, cavernous reverberations and field recordings. You can check out her upcoming work here.

It’s going to be a pretty incredible evening. You can buy tickets and find out more here.


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