Watch Tony Dupé’s clip for ‘Train South’ from 2004 when he was Saddleback 


Saddleback Train South.mp4 from Tony Dupé on Vimeo.

Tony Dupé’s first solo album, Everything’s a Love Letter, was released on cd via Preservation in 2004 under the name Saddleback. Strangely we can’t find our review for the album, it must’ve been when we were mostly in print. But we do have a review of his follow up, Night Maps, which you can read here. However we have also found a Storm the Studio interview from 2007, which describes the house (with photos) that both Saddleback albums were created in. You can find that here.

We’ve been fans of Dupé’s delicate approach to sound for a long time. You can check out his Cyclic Selects he did with Claire Deak for their collaborative album here. Dupé has also recently released a solo album (Margarett Hammett Lived, 2021) and a collaboration album (The Old capital with Claire Deak, 2020) both on Lost Tribe Sound.

The good news is that Everything’s a Love Letter is finally getting a vinyl release, via German boutique label Oscarson, and he’s made a video for ‘Train South.’

This is what he has to say about it:

“The video includes many photos from the time and place where this record was formed. This place was where I made many records for other folk and  impacted on the process and outcome of those records. The house was also quite creepy upstairs but it had this brilliant light pouring in from the front windows which looked out on abundant ocean reflecting the sky and the beautiful seven mile beach in Gerroa, NSW.”

Everything’s a Love Letter is out now via Oscarson You can find it here.


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