Watch the incredible new Pinkcourtesyphone piece


Pinkcourtesyphone is LA based sound artist Richard Chartier. His music is abstract, cinematic, melancholic, but also romantic and dreamy, somehow imbued with palpable emotion. It’s beautiful and scary and it does strange things to your feelings. We’ve long been fans of his work, having reviewed his 2015 album Sentimental Something (which you can read here), and asked him to do a mix for us (here) in 2020 and even interviewed him (here) because we were so taken with the faded decadence and sonic grandeur of his Leaving Everything To Be Desired album of that year. Apparently when we fall we fall hard.

So we were quite delighted to discover this new work, something that his label Room40 call a companion piece to Leaving Everything to Be Desired. They also call it ‘catastrophe muzak’ – and if that doesn’t excite you nothing will.

This is what they have to say about it:

“Immured within the deep deep pink velvet lining of their sonic smudge satchel ooze forth the obsessions and peculiar delicacies that have captivated both Pinkcourtesyphone and audiences alike. Moody glowering, ghostly utterances re-situated, hissy, distant and sad, all the while light and tender. It is that Sound that is at the fluffy heart of a long string of successful though surprisingly varied albums. A new sparkling jewel that already gathers cloudiness in its facets. This album can be best characterized by one word — charm, well, maybe two words — questionable charm.”

All Intensive Purposes will be released by Room40 on the 27th of May 2022. You can find it here.


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