Listen to an incredible new mix from Pinkcourtesyphone for Cyclic Defrost


So we asked LA based sound artist Richard Chartier to do a mix for us, which he did, in his Pinkcourtesyphone guise. Which makes sense because he is about to release what is in our opinion is an incredible new album of faded decadence and emotional sonic grandeur coming out shortly on Room40.

Chartier is probably known for his minimalist and micro sound aesthetic, yet as his alter ego Pinkcourtesyphone he delves into more emotional and musical realms. Every album is different. He describes the project as “a syrup-y dream,” that “strives to be both elegant and detached.”

His mix, A Chance Mix 23 (Paranoic Patio), is pretty syrupy as well. Who else goes from Eartha Kitt to Alva Noto? We tried to isolate the individual tracks on mixcloud, and did so poorly. But please don’t let that daunt you. This is an incredible mix that takes in everyone from Mike Cooper to Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield, as well as a couple of his own pieces. You’ll love it.

You can find Leaving Everything To Be Desired here. It’s released on the 25th of September 2020 on Room40. In fact we posted a video off Leaving Everything to Be Desired here recently.

pinkcourtesyphone – temporal extravagance
philus – kefeidi
Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples – moderne muzik 1965-1985
shuta hiraki – II
mike cooper – alohabama
the caretaker – late afternoon drifting
eartha kitt – lazy afternoon
alva noto – cosmos
pretty sneaky – b1 (excerpt)
deux filles – the sun on the sea
lamin fofana – plenum
tomoko hojo + rachel kraft – the smell of a dream
antena – the boy from ipanema
felicity mangan – double headed emu (excerpt)
400 lonely things – the secret
dorothy ashby – come live with me
the creatures – venus sands
the dolls – the dolls
delia derbyshire + elsa stansfield – circle of light pt 2 (excerpt)
roméo poirier – longe-côte
øjerum – the moon only shines for the lonely
pinkcourtesyphone – sans (evelina domnitch + dmitry gelfand rework)
claire rousay – tenderly


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