Watch the premiere of ‘raga or raga’ from Jerzy Mączyński and Waclaw Zimpel’s collaborative new album


Sariani, brings together two of the more forward thinking musicians from Poland’s incredibly fertile experimental jazz scene. It’s the follow up to saxophonist/ composer Jerzy Mączyński’s 2019 debut album Jerry&ThePelicanSystem. It was produced by woodwind player and composer Waclaw Zimpel. We’ve been closely following Zimpel’s incredible genre exploding work with the likes of Shackleton (you can read our review of Primal Forms here), James Holden and Jakub Ziotek as well as his solo material.

Sariana, as evidenced by this track ‘Raga or Raga’ continues both artists desire to meld electronics with more conventional jazz instrumentation, offering a number of fascinating pulsating soundscapes. It’s a work that was inspired by Mączyński’s travels to India, and this starting point really contextualises some of the musical approaches taken on this album.

This is what they have to say about it:

“‘Sariani’ has its origins in the friendship between Mączyński and Zimpel that developed during the early stages of the global Coronavirus pandemic. After many happy hours spent discussing life, music and Indian culture – the latter a shared interest that would shape future recording sessions – Mączyński offered Zimpel the chance to join forces on what he initially intended to be his second solo album. Over the eight months that followed, recording sessions in two separate Warsaw studios saw the set – a far-sighted meditation on Mączyński’s travels to India – develop into a genuinely collaborative production and a unified artistic vision.”

Sariani is released via yeyeh on the 5th of November. You can find it here.


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