Watch the strange psychedelic new clip from Shackleton’s Tunes of Negation project


So UK electronic artist Sam Shackleton is back with the second album from his Tunes of Negation project. Also featuring vocalist Heather Leight, keyboardist Takumi Motokawa, vibraphonist Raphael Meinhart, their weird ritualistic electronic psych prog tunes were a revelation, so we’re pretty excited about this new work.

You can check out our review of Shackleton’s recent EP with Polish woodwind artist Wacław Zimpel here.

‘Your Message is Peace’ a 3-D VR video by Commonilithic, McGilchrist and Zeke Clough is our first taste of the new album. And it’s a pretty amazing experience.

Like The Stars Forever And Ever is out November 26th via Cosmo Rhythmatic. You can preorder here.


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