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Tricky interview by Chris Downton

Since his early beginnings as a member of Bristol’s Wild Bunch collective at the start of the nineties, Tricky has continued to forge a path that’s very much his own, first emerging as a serious force on Massive Attack’s seminal ‘Blue Lines’ and ‘Protection’ albums before breaking away as a solo artist and crafting ‘Maxinquaye’, a trip hop high watermark that left a legacy that he’s seemingly spent the last two decades trying to cast off. In the years since, he’s appeared in cinema, collaborated with rock artists and launched his own label three times (Durban Poison, Brown Punk and now False Idols), whilst continuing to prolifically release albums that jump between an unpredictable range of styles. By Chris Downton Read on

The Harpoons Interview by Ruth Bailey

Saturday evening and you’re sat in a lounge room with a bunch of other kids watching a movie or, even better, listening to some old school records while your oldies are gathered outside around enjoying a brew – hands in the air if you relate to this type of scenario from your childhood? No doubt many of us had parents who would get their friends around to entertain from time to time. By Ruth Bailey Read on

Vladislav Delay Interview by Malcolm Angelucci Part 1

To celebrate the impending release of his new album Visa, recorded in a burst of creativity following an aborted attempt to tour the USA earlier in the year, Cyclic Defrost had the opportunity to speak with one of the most talented and uncompromising electronic musicians around, Sasu Ripatti (aka Vladislav Delay). In a wide ranging interview the Finish artist discusses his various projects and inspirations as well as commenting on improvisation in the electronic field and the perils of performing live. By Malcolm Angelucci Read on

Out.Fest Review – Barreiro Lisbon Portugal by Bob Baker Fish

Barreiro, just across the river from downtown Lisbon, is not a place you go through to get to anywhere else. Viewed on a map it’s a small peninsula on Lisbon’s iconic Targus river. By Bob Baker Fish Read on

Helsinki Music Roundup by Tony Mitchell

Summer is coming to an end in Helsinki, although there’ plenty of sunshine around still, as one festival has merged into the next, and numerous performances in every musical genre, many of them outdoors and free, have taken place since I have been here since late July. Apart from the Flow Festival and the Soliti Fest, which I have already reviewed, there have been the Jazz-Espa from 28 July to 3 August and the Etno-Espa Festival, mainly folk music, both on an outdoor stage in the Esplanade from 11 to 21 August, culminating in the Night of the Arts on 21 August on which concerts took place all over the city in numerous indoor and outdoor venues. By Bob Baker Fish Read on

Cyclic Selects: Shane Jesse Christmass

Shane Jesse Christmass is a Melbourne based writer, musician and digital artist (see above). A renaissance man if you will. By Bob Baker Fish Read on

SolitiFest: Helsinki 30.8.2014 by Tony Mitchell

The Soliti label was established in Helsinki in 2011 by British expat Nick Triani. Born in Croydon, London, Triani, of Italian origin, and a veteran of indie band Supermodel, he played SXSW in Austin in March ’98, then moved to Helsinki later that year after his partner, Finnish singer Astrid Swan was accepted into university: “When I moved here I missed seeing really great bands, but that has really changed in the last 10 years. By Tony Mitchell Read on

Cyclic Selects: Arthur Cantrill – Ten Sound Compositions and Sound Artists that have influenced my work in sound since 1963

Australian born Arthur Cantrill has made upwards of 150 films with his wife Corinne Cantrill since 1960 – including seven feature length films. Initially beginning with films for children and documentaries on art, they’ve increasingly created experimental avant garde art films, working predominantly in the 16mm and Super 8 formats, though also creating multi screen projections and one off ‘film performance works’ of expanded cinema, where the film would be projected within a set, bringing in trees, rocks and sand to create a landscape that would shadow the edge of the film. By Bob Baker Fish Read on

Flow Festival Helsinki 2014 by Tony Mitchell

This year’ Helsinki Flow Festival attracted a “nearly sold out’s 57,500. With crowds swarming around all the larger stages on the final day, making both visibility and audibility a major problem. By Tony Mitchell Read on

A Soundtrack of their Own Imagining: Ears have Ears’ Brooke Olsen and Scarlett Di Maio in conversation with Melonie Bayl-Smith

Experimental music – one of those turns of phrase that can strike terror into the heart of even the most open-minded music enthusiast. Whilst a fear of the unknown seems the likely cause, it is more probable that the sheer breadth of what is dubbed “experimental’ pushes the genre boundaries so far apart that there can be no recognisable reference points left to cling to. By Melonie Bayl-Smith Read on

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