Watch the lysergic soaked clip from Kate Carr’s ‘Guide to Phantasmic Birds’


Kate Carr is an Australian field recordist and sound artist living in the United Kingdom. She is the founder of the excellent Flaming Pines label and her works investigate the relationship between people and place. Her forthcoming album, A Field Guide To Phantasmic Birds, is pretty wild, a psychoactive approach to field recording which embraces its digital manipulations, creating a strange and beautifully surreal sound world that feels like its vibrating with a peculiar kind of electricity. The lysergic soaked clip for the piece ‘Usually Concealed In Dense Foliage’, created by Kate is equally as phantagasmical – if thats a word.

We last spoke with Kate in 2015. You can read that interview with her here.

This is what she has written about A Field Guide To Phantasmic Birds:

“All the birds I never recorded, and some I did.
Re-imagined. Stretched and stuttering, glitching and morphing, swirling and sputtering.
Artefact and performance, digital bits all.
I imagine them swooping and calling in these scaffolds of sound I have made for them.
Gleaming amid technicolour jungles. Alive, unassailable; in a world we haven’t ruined.
In a field recording I never made.”

A Field Guide To Phantasmic Birds will be released via Room40 on the 17th of November 2023. You can find it here.


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