Watch the astonishing Taipan Tiger Girls live @ Melbourne Town Hall on the Pipe Organ


Well this is pretty special, the third and final album of Taipan Tiger Girls, which just happens to be at Melbourne Town Hall and features the historic Melbourne Town Hall pipe organ. So strap yourself in for 40 odd minutes of synth driven experimental soundscapes recorded at Melbourne Music Week, Sunday 19 November 2017.

Taipan Tiger Girls are composer, producer and electric legend Ollie Olsen (WhirlyWirld / Max Q / NO / Third-Eye / Psy-Harmonics), experimental drummer and synth obsessive Mat Watson (Other Places), and feedback guitar droner and organist Lisa MacKinney (Mystic Eyes / Hospital Pass / Super-Luminum). On Live At the Melbourne Town Hall they are joined by guest guitarist Bonnie Mercer (Grey Daturas/Hospital Pass/Breathing Shrine) with MacKinney on pipe organ duties.

We’re obviously huge fans of Olsen. You can check out a Cyclic Selects he did for us a while back here, and an interview he did with us at the time of a WhirlyWirld resissue in 2020. You can check that out here. Bonnie Mercer has also done a Cyclic Selects for us, you can check that out here, and we spoke to Matt Watson a while back about the MESS Synthesizer Project, which you can see here, and Lisa MacKinney once interviewed Chris Smith for us, which you can read here. So we’ve got everyone covered.

This piece is immense, propulsive, tripped out psychedelic weirdness and its nothing short of transcendental. So we’re really pleased that it was captured for prosperity. Unfortunately in 2022 Ollie Olsen was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy, an aggressive and degenerative condition for which there is currently no cure. So all proceeds from the sales of the vinyl and digital versions of this album will go to assisting him with his ongoing medical care.

Live At The Melbourne Town Hall is out now via Heavy Machinery and it Records. You can find it here.


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