Gum Takes Tooth – Recovered EP (Selvamancer)


Last year we stumbled upon Dj Watusawa performing an opener dj set at an experimental gig. To our surprise we encountered a hip-hop dissection headed towards a cosmic blend of genres, all thrown at your face with an almost studio level precision. There had to be more to discover, since the crate-digging skills of what we heard was on a different level.

Hailing from Netherlands and based in Barcelona, Dj Watusawa launched Zona Watusa, label aimed at the leftfield side of music, 8 years ago; and Selvamancer, a distinctive approach to the dance floor, in 2019. While digging both back-catalogues we also got a taste of what’s to come in Selvamancer: Gum Takes Tooth – Recovered EP.

Gum Takes Tooth, the Oslo-Brighton duo formed by Thomas Fuglesand and Jussi Brightmore, have 4 LP’s to date, and whilst they’ve been revered since their early material, it’s with Arrow, the duo’s 3rd album, that our attention was caught. From here they kept on evolving, and what once was a psych-rock journey across noise and industrial realms, revisiting cosmic areas every now and then, became a bass-filled synth blast glowing and dimming with intensity on Recovery Position – published last year.

Recovered EP presents ‘Liberte-Me’ and ‘Holding Pattern’, new original material from the band and a selection of remixes of Recovery Position from different areas of the sonic spectrum portrayed by some unique artists like Scotch Rolex, UKAEA, Glass Out or Broken English Club, among others. There’s a mixture of hardcore rhythms, layered dark textures, raging footwork and bass that feels visceral. Of course, it’s also noisy, and deconstructed and futuristic at times.

Our pick on this project is the job done by Igor Cavalera, well-known for being part of Sepultura and a touring member of Soulwax. It’s true that the original track ‘Armistice’ has many of the bits that we loved about this, but it’s the smooth rave-like techno treatment that Cavalera does that kept us hooked. Did we say techno? We meant basement-techno, with precious 90’s elements ready to hit all the right places. Ironically, a musician with a background in a legendary metal band provides the slower take. But don’t get us wrong: this track is fire.

Selvamancer seems to be following a conceptual path that started with Zona Watusa but turned towards restless destinations, and while its first releases wandered around acid territories, they are charting new areas now, going over a vast landscape filled with trippy rave monoliths constantly changing shape. There are no boundaries here, genres dissolve, melt and merge with each other, and they’re all destined to stimulate both hips and limbic systems. You won’t just dance to this, you’ll go on a ride.

Gum Takes Tooth – Recovered EP, Parts 1 and 2 will be released on digital through Selvamancer on the 9th and 23rd of February. You will find it here.


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