R.E.E.L – Music For Psychedelic Duelling (Zona Watusa)


R.E.E.L. is Rapid Eye Electronic Limited, a trio of psychedelic electronic musicians from the west country of the UK. They create these elongated woozy synthetic pulses and drones augmented by some pretty deranged spoken word samples. One in particular is quite terrifying, diagnosing your babies disease by their cry or Timothy Leary rambling semi paranoid thoughts. There’s all manner of bizarre ritualistic chanting and weirdness here as the synths distend, oscillate and follow their own bizarre internal logic.

It’s noisy, weird and at times quite dark. There’s a real intensity here as the samples and synths jockey for position converging and competing, making you wonder if the musicians have our best interests at heart. Though it also feels like it was recorded live as there’s a certain level of unrestrained glee in their approach. Synth lovers will lose themselves in this. It’s music to journey to, and while it might not always be clear where you’re going, there is something intensively euphoric about riding the waves.


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