Watch the weird anthemic pop of OHYUNG and STEFA*


Huele a Fraude” is a pop song produced by OHYUNG (the solo recording project of Brooklyn based composer Robert Ouyang Rusli), which features vocalist STEFA* and lyrics by the two artists in collaboration with Julio Torres. It’s a saccharine anthemic ditty about the continuous struggle of life in New York City. It comes from the soundtrack to the satirical comedy Problemista, which was written and directed by star Julio Torres, which also features Tilda Swinton, RZA, and Isabella Rossellini. You can watch a preview here. The eclectic score also features contributions from Randall Dunn of Sunn O))), Eddy Kwon, and Holland Andrews amongst others.

This is what Rusli has to say about it:

“The score for Problemista was the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on, and lasted a full year. I’m really proud of this score and it feels super personal to me—there are so many ideas that I’ve never been able to get into a film – things like chanting choirs, patterned marimbas, euphoric pop – and many of them fit so naturally into Julio’s strange world. I’ve been scoring films for a while but rarely work on comedies, but Julio’s style of comedy is very in line with mine. I make my own music under the name OHYUNG, and a lot of what I try to do as an artist outside of film scoring is creating music and art that observes beauty and critiques forces of power around me in strange ways, and Julio’s comedy does the same, so it felt like a perfect match.”

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