Watch the mind melting video for Bobby Lee’s ‘Acid Grassland’


Cosmic country artist shares a new lysergic sonic experience with his new video for ‘Acid Grassland’ from Endless Skyways, his third full length album and second release on Tompkins Square. It’s a return to the full band sound of his debut. The title Endless Skyways is borrowed from a line in Woody Guthrie’s ‘This Land Is Your Land’. We love the video, and we’re quite mesmerised by the diversity of approaches on Endless Skyways which reference everything from Mali Blues to komische, psychedelic and country music. It’s pretty wild. Remember to keep it under your tongue until it dissolves.

This is what they have to say about it:

“The woozy swamp rock of “Acid Grassland” is a return to more familiar territory for Bobby; an ancient drum machine moseys along with a loping groove and riff straight outta Cosmo’s Factory.”

Endless Skyways is out on the 23rd of June 23 via Tompkins Square. You can find it here.


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