Watch an excerpt of Matthew Mercer’s hypnotic new work


Matthew Mercer — Sublimation [excerpt] from Dragon's Eye Recordings on Vimeo.

Matthew Mercer is an electronic musician/producer based in Portland, Oregon. He. has worked in everything from ambient to techno to synthpop and released his music on German techno labels Forte, Ware, and Neutonmusik, as well as having self-released over a dozen albums and EPs. This piece ‘Sublimation’, is a shorter excerpt from a 36 minute drone piece, which comes from Sub/Super, his first release on Dragon’s Eye Recordings. Even at 12 odd minutes its a highly immersive listen, powerful, hypnotic, and all encompassing.

This is what they have to say about it:
“Using source tapes that date back to Mercer’s earliest lo-fi synth experiments in the 90s, Sublimation obfuscates its already hazy source material into even more diffuse layers of looping delay and decay. Its swirl of sound is immersive and comprehensive, a prolonged state of colloidal suspension.”

Sub/Super will be released on Dragon’s Eye Recordings on the 21st of July 23. You can find it here.


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