Watch Clark’s new single ‘Medicine’ featuring Thom Yorke


So this just appeared, a new single from Chris Clark’s 10th studio album, Sus Dog, an album which focuses heavily on his sweet falsetto vocals. It’s an album that was executive produced by Thom Yorke who offers both vocals and bass on this piece.

We’ve been fans of Clark for some time. You can check out our interview with him in 2018 here, and our review of his self titled 2014 album here.

This is what he has to say about his new album:

“Sus Dog is about unknowing, non defensiveness, beginner’s mind. Discovery. The idea of being telepathic is seductive but abit dangerous. It’s all contingent, we’re animals with minds more like morphIng vapour than anything solid. Constantly becoming/changing. Sus Dog is a dedication to the love of that process. I’ve written a bunch of love songs, ha never thought I’d say that..”

Sus Dog is released via Throttle Records. You can find it here.


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