Watch ‘Portrait III’ the strange and beautiful new work from Primitive Motion


Primitive Motion is Sandra Selig and Leighton Craig, a Queensland duo who focus on durational performances, often staged in non-traditional settings. An audio visual collaboration their music is unconventional and dreamlike, existing somewhere between improvisation and a traditional song – admittedly a pretty weird song. ‘Portrait III’ comes from their forthcoming eighth album Portrait Of An Atmosphere.

We’ve been fans of this idiosyncratic duo for some time now. You can read our review of 2018’s House In The Wave here.

This is what Craig has to say about Portrait Of An Atmosphere:

“Portrait of an Atmosphere was recorded with the intention of crafting a long duration work of constituent parts; a suite of related compositions to be listened to as a singular narrative. It focuses on acoustic elements to achieve the kind of sound immersion that is central to our practice, without using the typical palette of reverb and delay. It is rewarding for us, that in the absence of these tools, it still enters the dream-float realm, attaining that sense of something ‘other’. It is at once the least and most Primitive Motion-sounding album to date.”

Portrait Of An Atmosphere will be released via A Guide to Saints/ Room40 on the 17th of March 2023. You can find it here.


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