Watch the weird and beautiful clip ‘Good News’ from Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs


Sydney based duo Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs offer some strange and beautiful sounds on ‘Good News’, and indeed the 5 track EP Blue from which it comes. It’s a truly peculiar mesmerizing kind of electronic folk music or maybe acoustic electonica, but its kind’ve too eccentric to be either. There’s a lot going on and its ridiculously creative. Almost every track could be a different band.

This is what they have to say about it:

“A lot of people often say to us: “your music has this beautiful tranquillity”, “your music is so calming”. This is interesting because to us a lot of our music is quite chaotic – there are so many layers of sound panning all over the place, and a great deal of the sounds are processed so heavily that it is hard to identify what they actually are. We are happy to be able to translate the chaos into beauty, or rather, put people in a position where they are able to see the beauty amongst the chaos, for the world is both savagely dynamic and effortlessly still, all at once.”

Blue is out now via Bedroom Suck. You can find it here.

Concept/producer: Adriana beach
Editor/director: Sara wills
DOP: Josiah Atkins
AC: Kathleen fingleton

Ana ringman
Adriana beach
Liam ebbs
Bernie fingleton
Maddie Johnston


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