Federico Mosconi – Air Sculptures (Lost Tribe Sound)


Federico Mosconi is an Italian classical guitarist and composer who merges guitar and all manner of field recordings, electronics and sonic residue into a series of amorphous suites of sound. Everything feels suitably blurred to the point where its impossible to identify the individual parts and we’re left with these beautiful evocative slabs of sound design. It’s drone music, electroacoustic, and even at times sound art, as the sounds come in waves. It’s haunting and really quite beautiful.

This is music for drifting in and out of, where occasionally the one recognisable sound – an acoustic guitar will appear, creating melody within the density before being subsumed again. It’s so strange and wondrous. Structures, progression, riffs no longer seem important, it’s about texture, density and the occasional rhythm – it’s music for mood. There are strange repetitive loops and elongated drones but it’s also warm and gentle, an intoxicating sound world that just envelops you whole. The few moments when the acoustic guitar plays over the detritus are near triumphant, offering a kind of order to the gentle but harmless chaos. This is where you recognise Mosconi’s restraint, using the guitar sparingly for the greatest impact. And its this subtlety this attention to detail that is readily apparent across the entire album, Mosconi understands sound and how to use subtle changes to create an impact – and Air Sculptures is an impact.


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