Watch the provocative clip for ‘Border’ from iUBAR’s forthcoming album


iUBAR is an Australian collaborative project led by Polish-born and Melbourne-based music producer – Martin Koszolko, best known for his electronic/ indie pop music work as KOshowKO and Philosophy of Sound.

iUBAR’s focus is on story-driven ambient featuring field recordings, mobile technologies and created with a mix of analogue and digital instrumentation. Martin is also a sound researcher with a PhD in Remote Music Collaboration technologies.

This project dates back to 2009 when Martin’s high school friend from Poland recorded some guitar drones and riffs that Martin incorporated into his work, though also includes a piece Untold which featured on Clan Analogue’s 25th anniversary release Coordinate: Collaboration Beyond the Algorithm – you can read our review of it here.

This piece, ‘The Border’ is the second single from iubar’s upcoming concept album Survival Tactics.

This is what they have to say about it:

“The track’s title as well as the accompanying music video highlight the hardship of refugees who are often forced to cross multiple borders when fleeing oppression. More specifically, this piece is dedicated to the victims of the current humanitarian crisis at the Polish-Belarus border where refugees are dying from hypothermia and exhaustion and are used as political pawns between countries.”

All profits from Bandcamp sales of this track and the Survival Tactics album pre sale will be donated to organisations supporting refugees stranded at the Polish – Belarus border in the current humanitarian crisis unfolding there.

Survival Tactics will be released via Las Maquinas on the 12th of December. You can find it here.


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