Listen to the sci fi sounds of Beyond These Fields


Beyond These Fields is the work of instrumentalist, producer and sound designer Dan West (Cookin’ On Three Burners) and drummer Rory McDougall (The Putbacks). It’s a sugary pixellated rush of vintage analogue synthesizers and live drums, a place where Trans am meets Cornelius after too much red cordial.

They describe it as:

“…nostalgically futuristic sounds reminiscent of vintage sci-fi and horror synth soundtracks, inspired by the rush of levelling up on 80s arcade games.”

It comes out on West’s new label Audible Artefacts which he created over the extended COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne. It’s designed to release music production and performance that take place in his customised shipping container studio in Preston where he frequently records and hosts shows.

Dragon’s Lair / Light Cycle is released via Audible Artefacts on Friday 26th November. You can find it here.


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