Watch the hypnotic video for Heinz Riegler’s new work


Austrian/ Australian sound artist, filmmaker/ installation artist and Aria award winner Heinz Riegler has returned with a new album for Room40 imprint A Guide To Saints. ‘Definitely In C’ is our first taste of it, features some pretty amazing visual from Austrian filmmaker Michael Perl.

This is what he has to say about it:

“A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a cassette inside a cardboard box as I prepared for a run of live performances. The unusual green BASF design caught my eye and I remembered that some time prior I’d spent an afternoon recording straight to that tape, being attracted to the idea of committing some phrases and improvisations and knowing I would not be able to return to process or manipulate them later. I hardly remember how these pieces were made, but I do remember enjoying an afternoon of unburdened exploration made up of chance, incompetence and curiosity, letting me play without concern for outcome or ambition, drifting apart and connecting with the world all at the same time. I decided to upkeep this particular exercise and engage with these type of immediate explorations in regular intervals. I continued on that tangent for a month or so, but forgot about it eventually. Last week I listened to that green BASF tape and quite enjoyed it. Perhaps you will too.”

Pear Feet and Square Words is released via A Guide To Saints/ Room40 on the 1st of October. You can find it here.


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