Watch the clip for ‘Cynic’ the bombastic single from the forthcoming Null Hypothesis album


‘Cynic’ is the first taste of Null Hypothesis’ forthcoming album Party Music For Popular People, which admittedly sounds like a terrible idea. However there’s a real dystopian feel running through ‘Cynic’, a relentlessly bombastic explosion that melds breakcore with brokebeat and winds up sounding something like Kid606 trying to DJ a rave after too much red cordial. Using field recordings, synthesis, non-instruments and circuit-bent toys, her music is a frenetic blast that simultaneously manages to be dark, bleak and desolate as well as over the top and as a result at times kinda funny. It’s a pretty impressive feat.

This is what they have to say about it:

Party Music For Popular People is a multifaceted journey, exploring the chasms and peaks between relentlessly danceable noise cutups and gently nuanced ambience. Drawing inspiration from genres such as breakcore, neoclassical, death metal, donk, hip hop and chiptunes, the album somehow manages not to sound like any of them. Rather, if those genres had factories, PMFPP would be the dumping ground for their industrial waste.”

‘Party Music For Popular People’ is released via Heavy Machinery Records on the 26th of November. You can find it here.


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