Papaphilia – Remembrance Of Things To Come (Heavy Machinery Records)


The new single by Papaphilia (aka Fjorn Bastos) titled ‘The True Name of the Sun is Slowly Spoken’ is described by Bastos as a “high-intensity dance track mapping the experience of guiding spirit through its journey out of one plane of existence to another. The journey is driven by deep kicks reverberating around choral elevations that sway into crooning lamentations, and oscillate between ascending and descending dark acidic rhythmic depths”.This is a collaboration with Kuya Neil one of Melbourne’s most creative and prolific producers at the moment know for various collaborative and solo projects.

‘The True Name of the Sun is Slowly Spoken’ comes to us in the recognisable intelligent drum and vocal sample-heavy experimental dance music production Bastos is known for. This time Papaphilia presents us with a dense track which moves through bhangra rhythms into the club moments of house and techno musics. Processed vocals of Kelly Rowland and Toni Braxton come through working in layered and melodic moments and processed and pushed further to a vast spaces where they take a chant or choral quality, almost spiritual and certainly emotional. The layering of textures as the track’s title suggests speaks of intimacy at times moving into fog filled panoramic scapes at the same time mournful and celebratory.

The way in which the track is composed will be very welcome by DJ’s out there for its structural arc beginning with seductive minimalist percussion as it slowly fills with voice and rhythm. ‘The True Name of the Sun is Slowly Spoken’ is a compelling dance track and an intricate experimental piece of music, I for one cannot wait to hear and dance to what Papaphilia has in store for us in the new album!


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