Watch the strange mesmirising video for Lyndon Blue’s new disco banger


Hot Mess is a new track from Perth based artist Lyndon Blue, a weird slice of demented disco that incorporates elements of post punk and metal. The video is a surreal collaboration with Melbourne/Naarm-based artist yousaiditalready, a strange and quite mesmirising clip that’s part performance art and part confounding madness. You can’t tear your eyes away. Yousaiditalready suggests that the character in the clip is “a raging individual” who “loves the internalised vision of a Hot Mess.”

This is what Lyndon Blue has to say about their music:

“Hot Mess is a song about life becoming chaos, and trying to celebrate the chaos rather than scramble for control. That’s why I opted for a disco thing, even though it’s got a bleary anxious streak, I wanted it to be defiant and loose and liberating. Letting the song manifest a better headspace than the one it was born out of. And it plays out as a kind of wobbly love song, partly because love is very good at creating chaos. I also knew from the start it needed a Slayer sample, but I don’t really know why. It made a similar kind of intuitive sense to get Kirby involved as a visual collaborator, her work seems very interested in chaos and experimentation and mess and liberation, without imposing an obvious logic.”

You can find Hot Mess on Blossom Buddies, a compilation from Blossom Rot Records here.

Though you can find Hot Mess and its wonky funky B-Side on Lyndon’s Soundcloud here.


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