Watch the haunting videos for Pram of Dogs new work


Pram of Dogs is a mysterious UK artist who works with vintage synths, reel to reel tape machines and field recordings, creating gorgeous often quite cinematic and emotive laden pieces of music. Their day job is apparently as a film and television composer but their identity remains somewhat secret.

These two pieces, “BMV I & II” are the latest double A side single, created from loops of old choral music, following on from the 2020 long player Matter-Anti.

This is what Pram of Dogs has to say about it:

“After the release of Matter – Anti in September 2020 I finally got round to digitising a collection of rare old recordings I had on DAT. They were like nothing I have ever heard before and became my escapism from lockdown. We over-dubbed and processed these recordings hundreds and hundreds of times, slowly piecing together and creating beds of sound that we improvised and composed over.”

BMV I & II is out now via Phantom Limb. You can find it here.


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