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Melbourne based Quell produces and performs with hardware electronics, using synths and samples to create their unique hard hitting darkwave/industrial electronic music. They released their s/t debut EP in 2019, and a split cassette with Ov Pain ‘Delusions’ in 2020. ‘Endless’ is the first taste and title of their follow up EP released via Dero Arcade. The song was created using synthesisers, synthetic voices, metal and concrete materials built around samples of interviews with a prisoner and his mother in 1960’s America. It puts you in a pretty grim place.

This is what they have to say about it:

“‘Endless’ was made during a period marked by a tumultuous acquaintance with a man of professional violence. The record probes the industrial systems and cycles of trauma that brought his violence to being. It presents a camp, hyperbolic machismo in its immediate sonic character, while processed recorded and found sounds and voices hint to a more complex reality. As with their previous releases, Quell continues to explore repetition and layered rhythms situated within sprawling spaces and ambience.”

Quell has also taken the opportunity to release their new single, the cheerfully titled ‘Degenerate’, which is “an interpretation of EBM tropes; affective sounds and dance rhythms, using the camp bravado of the genre to present the facade of the man who inspired the record. A kind of performative ‘hardness’ with a fragile albeit still hostile underbelly.”

Quell’s “Endless” EP launch – August 5th at Colour Club in Melbourne with support from Jannah Quill, Hemlock Ladder, A/N & Scumwitch. More details here.

Endless is released via Dero Arcade on the 30th of July. You can pre order or listen to the first two tracks here.


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