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Megan Alice Clune is a musician, composer and artist. Her work considers aspects of music, technology, the body and temporality. She is the founding member of the Alaska Orchestra, and has presented work and undertaken residencies across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America, including the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival (MA), Next Wave Festival, Underbelly Arts Festival, Performa 15 (NYC) and VividLIVE at the Sydney Opera House.

‘Swirl of The Void’ is the first taste of her forthcoming album, If You Do and it’s deliriously weird and beautiful, feeling almost ritualistic. This is what she has to say about it:

“If You Do became an album for solo voice and an ensemble of technologies. An album about contorting the body (voice) through time (rhythm, pulse), repetition and form. The work is nostalgic for past futures: wishing for the technological optimism of the late 70’s and early 80’s, of Timothy Leary believing the computer would offer a liberation to the masses. A time before Big Tech, Big Data. It’s a record made alone, dreaming of unmediated interaction with an audience that may never arrive. A sense of longing for the future that could have been, sung by a wordless choir and sometimes a clarinet. A return to my first instrument, and another kind of technology, I guess.”

If You Do is released via Room40 on the 10th of September 21. You can find it here.

Photo by Josh Milch/Surfacing Series. Video directed by André Shannon and Jen Atherton


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