Watch Yann Novak’s beguiling video for ‘A Biochemical Cascade.’


Yann Novak is a queer interdisciplinary artist and composer based in Los Angeles. His work is guided by his interests in perception, context, movement, and the felt presence of direct experience. Through the use of sound and light, Novak explores how these intangible materials can act as catalysts to focus our awareness on our present location in space and time. Novak’s diverse body of works—audiovisual installations, performances, architectural interventions, sound diffusions, recording, and prints ask participants to reclaim the present moment as a political act.

His latest work is Lifeblood of Light and Rapture, and it’s a subtle, quitely beautiful work of deep textures and beguiling atmospheres. We’ve been fans of his work for a number of years now. You can read our reviews of his 2019 album Scalar Fields here, his 2012 duo Fata Morgana with Robert Crouch here, and his 2012 solo album 3 Surfaces here.

This is what Novak has to say about it:

“On Lifeblood of Light and Rapture, I wanted to explore this parallel—that so many of the things we do to try and make this world liveable also contribute to its destruction.

Formally, this album follows the path I set out on with Slowly Dismantling. I sought to express myself in a more immediate and honest way through the use of digital and analog synthesis. With Lifeblood of Light and Rapture, I built upon this same path; but I also tried to imagine the listening experience over the process of making it, focusing solely on the pure pleasure of listening. I hope this record breaks that cycle, that it can achieve its intended purpose of bringing light into the world without causing any damage.”

Novak also has an event this coming weekend: Lifeblood of Light and Rapture Live Video Premiere
June 26 @ Noon Pacific, 3 pm Eastern, 8 pm UK

Lifeblood of Light and Rapture is released via Room40 on the 25th of June 21. You can find it here.


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