Watch a gorgeous new work from Sarah Davachi


Sarah Davachi is an LA based composer and performer of both acoustic and electronic music. She started her own label Late Music, where she released her sublime ambient album Cantus and consistently performs live around the world. You can read our review of her 2016 album Vergers here. She has just announced her new album Antiphonals and shared our first taste, this gentle, quite subdued ‘Rushes Recede.’

This is what she has to say about it:

“This is a collection of studies that began as a way of giving reverence to repetition and modality within a harmonic space. It is a minimalist music that is as much concerned with the vertical experience of texture as it is with the elongation of intervallic progressions across the horizontal realm – an occurrence that we might typically refer to as ‘melody’, but which becomes obscured here in the continual undoing of its staying power. Over time these somewhat generative articulations offered to me a meaningful expression of negative space and pervasive absence, a feeling of objects slowly being thrown into relief.”

Antiphonals will be released on the 10th September. You can find it here.


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