Watch New Age Doom’s tripped out video for ‘Phononic Landform Resonance.’


New Age Doom are the Vancouver BC duo of drummer Eric J. Breitenbach and multi-instrumentalist Greg Valou. You could describe their music as existing at a place where drone, metal and freejazz intersect. For their second album Himalayan Dream Techno they are joined by Tim Lefebvre (of David Bowie’s Blackstar band) on analog synthesizers and upright bass and synths, Gregory Macdonald AKA “Cola Wars” (Limblifter, Sloan) for an ecstatic frenzy of muscular experimentation.

This is what they have to say about it:

“New Age Doom’s extended compositions confront the hopelessness that pervades the contemporary zeitgeist. Himalayan Dream Techno was recorded via remote between March and June 2020 under COVID-19 lockdown, with tracks sent back and forth online between collaborators. It features an unusual array of instruments including a custom built hybrid bass with built-in zither and a fretless tanpura guitar. The recordings thrived on spontaneity and synchronicity. In eschewing any planning or analysis, the process remained open-ended, organic and intuitive throughout, resulting in an experience as cathartic and cleansing for the listener as it was for the performers.”

The video directed by Oleg Rooz even comes with a warning at the beginning.

Himalayan Dream Techno is released on December 11 via We Are Busy Bodies. You can find it here.


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