Watch a clip from Pinkcourtesyphone’s decadent forthcoming album on Room40


LA based sound artist Richard Chartier is known for his minimalist and micro sound aesthetic, yet Pinkcourtesyphone is his alter ego, where he delves into more emotional and musical realms. That said it remains steadfastly sound art and is pretty slippery, where he cheerfully alters his approach with each album. He suggests the project “operates like a syrup-y dream and strives to be both elegant and detached.”

We’ve been fans of Chartier’s work for a while now. You can read reviews of his 2012 collaboration with Robert Curvengen Built Through here, his 2011 solo work Transparency here, and his 2010 album also on Room40, A Field For Mixing here. You can also listen to Pinkcourtesyphone’s 2015 album Sentimental Something here. See we told you, we’re big fans.

His latest release, Everything to Be Desired is on Australia’s Room40, and it’s big, bold, cinematic and quite decadent. They describe it as:

“dream-soft shimmers of strings, creamy arrangements, drifting drones, to dissected cha chas. Sometimes charmingly flamboyant, sometimes darkly wistful, sometimes deadeningly soothing, sometimes abrasively tender, but always engaging and ultimately engulfing of us. This recording of temporal extravagances is meant to enhance with all the pillowy richness of high fidelity to bring you every fascinating hue and shade of sound. It’s soft focus aesthetics lull the mind’s ear into a state of woozy intoxication, comfortably unsteady underfoot.”

Yep it’s that good.

You can find Leaving Everything To Be Desired here. It’s released on the 25th of September 2020 on Room40.


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