Watch Eugene Ughetti and Robin Fox’s Transducer (finale)


Eugene Ughetti is a percussionist and director of Speak Percussion. He has a new solo album Agglomeration Of Measurement due out on the 31st of July on Room40. This collaboration with Melbourne laser icon Robin Fox appears, though the quite spare piece is an excerpt of a large scale work ‘Transducer’ presented by Speak Percussion exploring feedback systems and multi-channel sound diffusion.

The ridiculously diverse album spans fifteen years and involves collaborations with some really notable Australian composers like Anthony Pateras, James Rushford, Liza Lim, Thomas Meadowcroft and Alexander Garsden. Techniques vary dramatically across the album. Very little of Agglomeration Of Measurement sounds like the piece above. Ughetti suggests it “provides a glimpse into my percussive language and a twenty- first century Australian percussion sound.”

This from Ughetti:

“I am attracted to sound that speaks more to concept than to musical convention and in performance more than concert. In Agglomeration of Measurement my artistic practice is articulated through experimental techniques exploring feedback, microtonality, micro-percussion, post instrumental practice and an investigation into broader non-musical concepts.”

Agglomeration Of Measurement is out on Room40 on the 31st of July 2020. You can find it here.


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