Night Gestalt previews a collaboration with Joseph Shabason


Swedish producer Olof Cornéer who records as Night Gestalt was a new discovery to us here at Cyclic Towers.

His new collection of nine collaborations – Sudden Rituals Vol 1 – on boutique London label Bigo & Twigetti is an all enveloping deep listening experience. There are tracks with master seytar player Behdad Babaei, Canadian C.Diab, Mokira’s TM404 slow motion acid pseudonym as well as other new artists working in and around new ambient/classical sounds.

So we’re excited to be able to premiere one of the other excellent tracks, All Directions At Once, from Night Gestalt working with saxophonist Joseph Shabason.

Sudden Rituals Vol 1 is out Feb 27, 2020 on Bigo & Twigetti.


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