Various Artists – Om Unit Presents Cosmology: Dark Matter (Cosmic Bridge)


It’s been a good two years since Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge last released a label compilation, 2017’s ‘Cosmology Selections’, and now this latest collection ‘Cosmology: Dark Matter’ (available either as download or expansive three vinyl set) sees Om Unit once again casting across the label’s impressive and ever-growing artist roster to select 14 snapshots of its wares.

While Cosmic Bridge’s junglist roots are certainly evident here, what’s particularly notable is the way in which this compilation captures how the post-drum and bass scene has subsequently splintered into hybrids of itself, intermingling with elements of dubstep, bass music, footwork and trap.

Moresounds’ ‘Watatting’ provides a vivid snapshot of the aforementioned fusion of influences, grafting colourful flute samples, retro arcade game bleeps and dark hoovering bass swells, onto a rattling snare-driven rhythmic backing that shifts smoothly between more classic ‘Amen’ breaks and juke snare bursts.

TMSV meanwhiles opts for deep haunted dub atmospheres on the aptly titled ‘Ominous’ sending skittering triplet breaks back and forth against a swaggering ragga groove, the vast sub-bass drops intersecting with reverbed-out metallic rings, before Proc Fiskal’s ‘Death’ ventures out into more blocky electronics as fuzzed-out bass sine tones and glittery 8-bit effects writhe against dry, lurching snare breaks.

Elsewhere, J:Kenzo’s ‘Dub For Bashenga’ picks up the pace a few notches, sending a rapid-fire hand percussion pulse rattling against eerie ragga samples and muted sub-bass pads as the rattling breakbeats scissor out into streamlined Moving Shadow-esque arcs, before Crypticz’s ‘Chrysalis’ closes this compilation with its most epic offering, spending its twelve minutes evolving from chilled-out ambience into rattling artcore drum and bass that recalls classic Omni Trio more than anything else. As a snapshot of Cosmic Bridge’s ever-evolving artist roster, ‘Cosmology: Dark Matter’ is one hell of a compelling collection.


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