Lars Hemmerling – Bloody & Soul EP (Fullpanda)


German electronic producer Lars Hemmerling is perhaps best known for his co-productions alongside brother Gunnar as well as his collaborations with Dasha Rush as LADA, and this latest 12” on Parisian label Fullpanda ‘Bloody & Soul’ offers up his second solo EP, which collects together five new tracks that venture between leftfield techno, dark ambient and drone.

On the A-side, ‘Bless’ opens things with an ominous wander out into pulsing bass sequences and flickering, broken minimal techno rhythms, the percussive elements adding teasing textures, rather than ever really breaking into full flow as icy dark ambient drones slowly rise and fall in the background, heightening the sense of chill brought out as the crackling rhythms get stretched by reverb treatments.

By contrast, ‘Releasing Strains’ places a muted 4/4 kickdrum pulse at its core that’s slowly overtaken by intricate layers of flickering hi-hats while a vast bass drone yawns ominously in the background and beeping electronic sequences cycle with ever increasingly velocity, the vintage spoken samples that trail through the track’s second half sounding like a faint radio transmission.

Elsewhere, ‘Artapet’ offers an excursion out into pure dark ambience as treated feedback drones swell and die away against ominous sub-bass throbs and what sound like slowed down horns call mournfullly across the bleak landscape, before digital-only track ‘Run Away From My Self’ offers up the most full-blooded dancefloor track here as acrid clouds of bass distortion churn away against spidery electro rhythms and dark synth sweeps that sound like the dying howl of broken machines. As dark minimal post-techno drone goes, this is classy stuff indeed.


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