JESUSLOVESACID – Corpus Hypercubus (Vitalik)


Bearing one of the most attention-grabbing artist names I’ve encountered so far this year, JESUSLOVESACID is a new musical project from label boss Ryan Gorman of Ibiza-based Vitalik Recordings. Whilst hailing from that particular Spanish island might at first suggest associations with terrace-igniting big room trance though, the twelve tracks collected on this debut album ‘Corpus Hypercubus’ couldn’t be any more different, instead delving into ambient, IDM and leftfield electronics.

Curiously, despite the name there’s very little in the way of acid in the sense of the actual musical genre to be found here. What really immediately impresses here is Gorman’s willingness to experiment and explore rather than being confined to any genre expectations. Also particularly interesting are the somewhat unexpected combinations of sounds and sampled sources that appear throughout.

‘Higher Functioning Movements’ fuses meandering analogue synth lines and crystal-clear 808 beats with a delay-draped Middle Eastern female vocal sample, the resulting collision adding eerie atmosphere as they pan back and forth amidst the sheeny electro rhythms. ‘Play With Your Mind’ meanwhile bends a lilting melodic sung African vocal around a flexing backbone of snapping electro rhythms and splashy handclaps, the snakelike analogue synth lines curving and phasing against the multi-tracked harmonies to gorgeous effect.

‘Philosophy’ manages to unleash one of this album’s most unexpectedly spectacular moments, gradually evolving from ominously humming electro-motorik landscapes into a vividly unfurling sunrise of elegant piano keys and shimmering ambient synth layers, before the beautifully understated ‘All My Days’ sends a wealth of melodic percussion textures darting and whirling against rattling tribal drums and zapping phased analogue synth flourishes, in what’s easily one of the biggest headphone treats here – though it’s pretty hard to pick favorites amongst such an inspired and fresh-sounding tracklisting. ‘Corpus Hypercubus’ is easily one of the most enjoyable deep-listening experiences I’ve had this year.


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