Reptant – New Advancements In Lizard Tech (Craigie Knowes)


Melbourne-based electronic producer Lucas Hatzisavas is best known for his releases under the alias Lou Karsh, and in 2017 he introduced his electro / breakbeat alter-ego Reptant with his debut ‘Night Time Creepin’ EP. Two years on, this latest 12” EP ‘New Advancements In Lizard Tech’ sees him landing on Glasgow label Craigie Knowes and offers up three new tracks that lean distinctly towards classic electro sounds.

On the A-side, ‘Lizard Theme’ opens this EP with what’s easily its most laidback and dreamy track as stiff snapping electro rhythms flex and ripple against bright bleeping gamecore synths, the resulting fusion sitting closer to blissfully wide-eyed crystalline IDM than anything else.

By contrast, ‘The Raid’ aims straight for the jugular as dark electro-funk bass sequences power away against snapping snares and squelching filtered electronics, the zapping synths that dark back and forth between the speakers adding a touch of rave energy to what was easily my favourite track here.

Finally, on the flipside ‘Transcendents From The Outer Sphere’ takes things off on a nine minute wander through gliding motorik-driven drum machines, growling filtered bass and icy ambient synths that aims more for your headphones than the dancefloor, its sheeny surfaces hinting at the influence of the ‘Artificial Intelligence’-era likes of The Black Dog and Reload. Well worth investigation.


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