Cignol – Talbot Sunbeam (Winthorpe Electronics)


Since he first emerged back in 2008 with his debut ‘Processing’ EP, Dublin-based electronic producer Cignol has continued to remain prolific in acid electro / techno circles, this latest 12” EP ‘Talbot Sunbeam’ on the newly formed Winthorpe Electronics label arriving just a few months on the heels of his preceding ‘FE Tracks’ release on Furthur Electronix.

For the four new tracks collected here, Cignol’s opted for a classic and distinctly retro-gazing feel that fuses classic electro grooves with elements of disco, house and acid, and rather than offering up any real surprises, it’s the sense of warm and somewhat nostalgic familiarity that provides the appeal here. Opening track ‘Talbot Sunbeam’ lives up to its brightly hued titled as bright analogue synths swell and dart over a backdrop of jacking electro-house rhythms and acid 303 squiggles, the resulting fusion leaning closer to flamboyant Italo-disco than anything else as the hyperactive drum machines shuffle against murmuring bass sequences.

‘Polyquase’ gets more tense and urgent, the rapid-fire snare rolls suggesting a meeting point between footwork and hardcore as coldly atmospheric synth trails cast melancholy atmosphere against darting acid-filtered electronics, before ‘Lunokhod One’ takes things off for a more spacious glide through clicking house rhythms, twittering acid squelches and uplifting sheeny pads that’s far more centred around lounge-tinged cosmic disco grooves.

Finally, ‘Escape From Starbase Zero’ closes this EP with what was easily my favourite track as the jack-knifing drum machines accelerate into showers of handclaps against urgent arpeggiated bass synths and fat analogue grooves, the delicately twinkling synth arrangements woozily intersecting with the furious acid squiggles that drip like paint all over them. One for the retro-minded acid-electro heads.


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