XXXV Gold Fingers – Logica Aggregazione (Tape Tales)


Italian DJ and electronic producer Marco Erroi has been releasing 12”s under his XXXV Gold Fingers alias since 2014, but to date they’ve predominantly leaned towards dancefloor-friendly house tracks. For this debut album ‘Logica Aggregazione’ (released as a download and a limited run of 100 cassette copies), he’s opted for a completely different trajectory, instead offering up eleven tracks of downtempo, introspective electronics.

While he’s aided at various points by a number of instrumental collaborators, for the most part this is Erroi’s solo show, blending lush synthetic elements and manipulated field recordings to create what often feels like a serene travelogue. ‘Sinfonizzazione’ gives a good taste of Erroi’s immersive aesthetic as rippling guitar bends echo against refracted digital effects and sweeping ambient synths, the jagged broken hiphop / IDM rhythms that lurch and stutter through the mix offering up some of the more overt beats to be found here.

There’s a focus on blurred hypnotic textural layers, the treated wordless vocal elements that waft in towards the track’s end providing a warm human counterpoint to the sheeny electronics and digitally processed background chatter. ‘Teatro Mondo’ meanwhile veers closer to skewed downbeat electronic pop as analogue bass synths burble against halting tambourine percussion and airy noodling keyboard arrangements, Erroi’s own delay-treated vocals appearing suddenly like a ghost in the mix alongside rippling melodic textures.

Elsewhere ‘Trasformazione’ sees him traversing more crisply IDM-tinged waters as fractured breakbeats flicker against digitally manipulated samples of background conversation, the elegant bell-like keyboard arrangements glimmering like neon trails. Many of this album’s most affecting moments arrive when Erroi employs his field recorded sounds to create more vivid atmospheres, such as ‘Totalmentre Altro’, which sees the background sounds of barking dogs and what sounds like a street singers merging with wordless vocal harmonies and glitchy digital textures, resulting in one of this album’s most eerily beautiful ambient explorations. A strong debut album from Erroi under his XXXV Gold Fingers alias – ‘Logica Aggregazione’ is well worth investigation.


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