Claudio F. Baroni – Motum (Unsounds)


Claudio F. Baroni is an Argentinian composer who has been living in Holland for the past two decades. His oeuvre dates back to the end of the 90s, and on this occasion he has released Motum through the Dutch imprint Unsounds, with financial support from the Fund for the Performing Arts, Netherlands.

The limited CD release comes with a 3-page booklet written by the poet and composer Samuel Vriezen, which explores these compositions for electronic quartet, organ and string quartet. The main theme of this work is motion and movement (nomen est omen), and we can feel that especially on pieces like in CirCles II (Mov.I), which drifts constantly in and out. Our pick of the recording is the second movement of this piece, with varied elements that seem to be half-way through their main motif, but still vibrating. While it expands, it also paints a landscape with light peaking through the piano and the bells. In the middle of the composition there is a cleansing drone that prepares the perception for the light to come.

Like Vriezen says in the booklet, it is hard to tell which elements are being played. The work is, if anything, challenging, and one might think that it could be an interesting experience to witness its performance live in a comfortable theatre. Full of textures and organic elements in contraposition to the electronic features, it’s full of dissonance and glissando-like movements that are very appealing. Elaborated drone lovers will really appreciate this one, and the album is a statement of how much these sonic explorations should still be considered, and most particularly, financed.


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