Bird Traps – The Rainbow Body (Independent)


The music of Australian artist Bird Traps is achingly beautiful. It evokes stillness and simplicity. It possesses a remarkable calmness, a bold self-assurance that its presence alone is enough. And it’s correct.

In general the power and the beauty of music is rarely what it’s doing and always what it’s doing to you, and Bird Traps are very clearly aware of this. The effect of this music feels medicinal. It’s meditative, welcoming and very much a place of solace, a retreat from the chaos and bluster of daily life. It lowers the heart rate, releases stress and allows you to breathe.

The Rainbow Body is the third album from Bird Traps, aka Marcus Skinner (Winterville), and it continues to develop his ambient inclinations, with warm gentle waves of neoclassical drone hazily oscillating in circular patterns throughout the five pieces here.

Using piano, ebow’d guitar, cello and maybe organ; this album was recorded over the last couple of years between Melbourne and Bangkok where he currently finds himself.

He refers to his music as possessing “sprawling echoes and late-night memories,” and there’s no doubt its gentle unhurried nature invites quite contemplation. In fact it’s almost impossible to actively listen to it, as within minutes your mind wanders and you go within yourself, experiencing, yet losing conscious track of what’s coming out of the speakers. That’s the beauty of The Rainbow Body, it’s an audio meditation device, time slows and it can’t help but make things better.


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