Watch a strange frenetic clip for Australian percussionist Will Guthrie’s new album


I remember watching Australian born Nantes based percussionist Will Guthrie play at Melbourne’s Make It Up Club about 15 years ago and he was sprawled on the floor with all manner of junk percussion material, pots, pans etc, all amplified by contact microphones that then played through the PA. The mix of the room sound and amplified sound created a curious effect, yet what was so striking was both the lack of feedback, and the remarkable bass sound. Who get’s bass from contact mics?

Here‘s our review of his album Sacree Obsession from 2015, and if you want to check out a live video performance, just to get a little bit of an understanding of how he operates click here.

Fresh from his renent performance in Mona Foma as part of the Anthony Pateras/ Mike Patton freakout Tetema, Guthrie has a new album out, it’s called People Pleaser and it’s on Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle records. This clip is a little bit of a taster.

This is what the label has to say:

“Working intuitively over a period of three weeks, Guthrie crafted a suite of song-length pieces that combine his drumming with electronics, field recordings, and sampled detritus. Inspired by the rough-and-ready sampling style of producers like the RZA, J Dilla, and Knxwledge, and by the endless possibilities of musique concrète, People Pleaser uses a highly divergent array of sound sources, building pieces from drum and percussion tracks left over from other projects, audio ripped from skate videos, noise electronics, fragments of a police interrogation, and anything else ready to hand. Guthrie’s unique rhythmic sensibility is the thread drawing all these elements together, his drum performances propulsively rhythmic yet insistently irregular in a way that sometimes brings to mind the uniquely open rhythmic space carved out by early Weather Report and other classic fusion. Drawing together manifold influences in an entirely sui generis way, People Pleaser is a raw, exciting, and surprisingly accessible peek into the laboratory of a unique sensibility.”

You can find more information here.


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