Submerse – Awake (Project Mooncircle / Flau)


UK-born electronic producer Rob Orme most recently graced us under his Submerse alias last year with his excellent ‘Stay Home’ EP, and in the wake of his recent relocation to Tokyo the seven tracks that make up this latest EP ‘Awake’ see him altering his approach slightly. While the floaty post-Flying Lotus beats that characterised his preceding work are still in evidence, they take more of a backseat here, with gauzy droning textures and soulful ambience moving into the foreground of these new tracks. The end result is what’s easily one of Submerse’s most deeply introspective releases to date. ‘Too Late, They’re Already Here’ opens things with an ebbing wash of distorted synth drones that calls to mind the similarly grainy textures of Odd Nosdam’s recent ‘Sisters’ album, the cold vast atmospheres result sitting somewhere between video game nostalgia and 1980s scifi film soundtrack, as treated vocal elements echo through the ether.

‘It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses’ meanwhile takes things out into glittering ambient soul as warm organ keys and delicate guitar inflections float against a vaporous backing, before ‘No Continues Kid’ sees the wonky rhythms re-emerging, as clattering woody percussion breaks ground a trailing backdrop of delicate harp tones, dewy keys and subtle bass tones. Elsewhere, ‘Turn Back, Something Is Wrong’ offers up what’s easily the most cinematic moment here, its cold wash of grainy synths bleeding out in a majestic swell that sits somewhere between John Carpenter and Oneohtrix’s hauntingly nostalgic soundscapes. On this EP, Submerse’s slight change in focus manages to yield plenty of interesting results.


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