Watch Baltimore’s Jonathon Badger explain his midi setup and listen to his new single.


You don’t see this too often, Baltimore guitar and electrics player Jonathon Badger talking about his setup and how he is able to achieve his quasi orchestral sound with just a guitar. Having studied under King Crimson’s mastermind Robert Fripp, his approach to the instrument is similarly forward thinking. He has just released his third studio album Verse (Cuneiform). The music on Verse, says Badger, “flows in the post-rock and minimalist veins of contemporary music,” while the concepts that fertilize it derive from ancient philosophical and poetic tracts that he had explored in his recently published book, Sophocles and the Politics of Tragedy: Cities and Transcendence (2012: Routledge Press) that explored his ideas about the interaction of artistic and philosophical ideas. “The idea of verse points beyond poetry and philosophy to that which stands in unity behind their apparent separateness.”

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