Bruno Sanfilippo – Upon Contact Reworked (AD21)


A graceful, meditative piece, played on the piano by Bruno Sanfilippo, not a million miles away from Harold Buddland, enjoying plenty of space, leaving many notes dangling like question marks, is the point of departure for this remix disc.

Francesco Giannico appears to have relocated the pianist to the midst of a bustling Italian market colonnade, a place of interesting echoes, while replacing some of Sanfilippo´s notes with velvet-smooth strings. The effect is very widescreen, Italian realist cinema in black and white. Olan Mill on the other hand becomes very intimate with the instrument itself, massaging each note, turning most of them drone purple. Leonardo Rosado, recently relocated from Portugal to Gothenburg, drastically alters the performance, making selected notes stutter in thick, curved air.

Jorge Haro plucks the first two notes from the original and orbits them with a blinking satellite, until the piano begins communicating with its reprocessed self. On the most narrative piece, Quivion crosses the lines of communication, beginning in a bucolic setting, river side, draping one string of piano over the other as if weaving a carpet, until the loom has been shifted to some darker corner of the mind and takes on a sinister, industrial rhythm. Hior Chronik vents the steam off selected notes, while turning others all the way round, quietly painting a dark, sombre background quite magnificently.

It is the coherent recontextualizing of each track and the selection of sensitive interpreters that makes Upon Contact Reworked all of piece, an engrossing, pleasant listening experience.


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