Watch Rod Cooper play the Spoiler


Melbourne musician and instrument builder Rod Cooper is one of the more interesting composers and performers around. Regularly performing on his self made and bizarre instruments he’s been creating instruments and sound sculptures for over 20 years, and regularly performing at improvised and experimental music festivals alongside all manner of artists and musicians.

Cooper raids hard rubbish collections (shh), building sites and is increasingly interested in reusing and recycling materials, rescuing his material from landfill. Ultimately though his interest is about creating an instrument that makes sense and feels part of him.

“As a performer when you’ve made your own instrument you know it in a different way. You’re inside it. That’s a big difference for me. When I’m playing instruments that I haven’t built. They just don’t feel comfortable. They’re not like my shoes that I’ve worn into the shape of my feet. “

This morning he uploaded the piece 6Y, and it’s so good we just had to share it. Enjoy.


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