Watch as Pia Van Gelder uses Ginseng and Tofu to make an electric circuit for Liquid Architecture


Pia Van Gelder amplifies an electronic circuit being built in real time incorporating ginseng and tofu. She has said this performance is NOT relaxing. She has described it as ‘very Kittlerian’.

Her art and interdisciplinary research explores theosophy, technology, science, counter-culture histories, DIY pedagogy, AV mysticism and what she calls ‘machinic affinity’ – feelings of closeness to a machine.

This video is from Liquid Architecture: Rare Earth ⚡ Heavy Metal on Thursday Aug 20 2015 at West Space, Melbourne

Documentation by Alex Cuffe

Next up in their series of performances is:
What Would a Feminist Methodology Sound Like?
FM[X]: A Sonority Sorority
Liquid Architecture is proud to present 28 amazing women over four nights of performances, talks, interactions and more at West Space. All welcome to come, listen, dance, chill, and be a part of this evolving conversation.
FMX is amplified by a sound system designed, built and generously loaned by Lucreccia Quintanilla

Dates: August 28, September 4, September 11, September 18


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